Preliminary Run

The game begins at 11:30am; at 12am all of the players are directed to the Digital Gazebo where they will be met by a Mr. Johnson who will be giving them a run. The Digital Gazebo when entered appears much like a gazebo; the room is hexagonal, columns are at each corner, the ceiling is vaulted and wainscoting made to look like a fence lines the walls. When viewed with AR the walls appear as a landscape similar to the art style in Tron. Thus making one feel like they are in a gazebo on a digital landscape. They are just opening and there is no hostess to seat you at the moment.

No need to roll when they ask me: You see one customer sitting in the corner eating a hamburger. The only employee you see is the bartender at the back of the cafe. You can also see some doors on either side of the bar where there appear to be more people.

Depending on player action: The bartender will apologize and either seat you or if you say you are looking to meet someone the bartender heads to a wall on the left side of the restaurant and presses on it with both hands. The door recedes and then slides to reveal a smaller room styled, again, as a gazebo. The AR here looks as though the gazebo is next to a lake.

The only person in the room is a suited man wearing glasses sitting at the head of a few tables put together. As he folds up the paper he was reading he says, “Hello everyone, thank you for joining me. Please have a seat.” As everyone gets settled the door closes behind you.

“While I do have a lucrative offer for you today, you will not technically be running the shadows; nothing I’m asking you to do today is illegal. What you will be doing, however, is quite dangerous. This run will serve as an assessment of your abilities. This job, if completed successfully will net you ¥5000 each and qualify you for far more lucrative assignment with my company. The run is simple: take this chip,” He slides the chip across the table, “to the center of the Cermak blast zone, cast a spell in it’s presence, and then throw it into the crater of the Cermak blast. Everyone in your team must be close enough to witness the event and this must be accomplished before sunrise. When you are done and secure send me a message and I will transfer the funds. We will know if anything is amiss. Any questions?”

After any questions: “Alright then, if there are no more questions I suggest you get started. I hope to work with you again. Thank you!” He returns to reading his paper and the door behind you slides open again.

When the spell is cast three insect spirits appear. “Blast Center”:

Preliminary Run

The Digital Gazebo is of No Importance djvbb12